Mikini 1610L Tear down and repair (part 2)

//Mikini 1610L Tear down and repair (part 2)

Mikini 1610L Tear down and repair (part 2)

So last time we left the mill with the side and front of the cabinet removed, the X ball screw assembly removed and the bed was slid off

Removal of Y Ball Screw Assembly


Loosen the coupler bolt closest to the stepper and remove the 4 bolts holding stepper to the ballscrew bearing block and the stepper should come away. Note – make sure there is enough wire to allow the stepper to be moved away, wrap the stepper in something to stop any swarf being collected on it.

6 bolts that hold the ballscrew nut to the carriage are removed next, a 5mm hex socket on a 1/4″ ratchet with a couple of extension bars allows you to reach them under the saddle. There is also an oiler pipe on the top that just lifts out.  With this ballscrew nut disconnected the saddle will now slide freely

Next remove the ballscrew front and rear bearing blocks.  Note the have locating pins so need to be lifted off the casting.  With the saddle slid to the back the ballscrew assembly will come out through the front of the machine.

A modification is required

The saddle is mounted onto 4 trucks with 4 bolts in each. These bolts are put in from the underneath of the trucks, now the outside ones are fairly easy to get to but the inside ones are almost impossible even with the ballscrew assembly removed.  I made the decision to cut a piece of the front away so the whole saddle and oiler manifold could be slid off in one piece.

The saddle will need to be slid in and out a number of times to be able to tighten the truck bolts once the fine adjustments have been made.

If you look in the pic above you will see in the center the piece the ballscrww nuts is attached to. This is the lowest part that will need to come out through the new opening at the front.

Here i am projecting the lowest part that has to pass through the gap onto the cabinet shell so i can mark where the opening will need to be


Verticle lines are marked 19″ in from the left and 24″ in from the right, this will allow the saddle including manifold to slide out.  On the inside i use a cardboard template to set the height of the cut and clamp a ruler to the cabinet to give something for the grinder to follow.

All cuts almost meeting

Above picture shows the new opening, I will fix it back in with some overlapped sheet steel, we will see details of this when the re-assembly is done

The above pic shows the piece that has been removed.

Here the bed, X and Y ballscrew assembly

In the next part I will remove the saddle.  Unbolt the Y trucks and inspect for any damage / wear.

“I would like to thank Ralph for all the help and encouragement he has given over the past weeks. Stay safe buddy.”

Part 1 here – http://www.sprocketandpinion.co.uk/mikini-1610l-tear-down-1/

Part 3 Coming Soon

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